Monday, June 30, 2008

(poo) Wanted, starring Angelina Poolie

hmm, didn't poo yesterday, or saturday. Pooed on friday night, but it was at the girlfriend's, so no picture.

Ate little bits and pieces of things all weekend. Really just snacks here and there. Some pita and hummus, some macaroni salad, some coleslaw, etc. A couple of beers, no coke.

Went to Sneaky Dee's last night to see The Word Burglar (white halifax hip hop) but didn't even have a drink.

Today is the first day of Phase III of p90x for me and except for tomorrow, man I'm going at it full throttle! We went to see Wanted yesterday and it was amazing. I know I can never do what is done in that movie, when when I workout, when I finish a p90x workout I feel more powerful, more in control and just plain stronger. Plus, near the end when the main guy is in the apartment and he's wet with his shirt off, he looks amazing.

Also saw Jumper this weekend. It was fun, very light. Reminded me of The Butterfly Effect in tone and spirit. Anyway, my girlfriend said my arms are bigger than Hayden Christensen's, and that would be all because of p90x. I know he isn't much to compare myself against, but still, it's a bit of encouragement.

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