Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Ceiling Came Crashing Down

Well, I wasn't there, but the ceiling of my bathroom has been falling down over the last four days. First a large chunk came down on Friday while my roommate was in the shower. Then Monday morning at about 3am a much large chunk crashed down. Looks great.

This, by the way, directly affects my pooing because the floor is filthy now, which means my pants get all dirty sitting on the floor while I crap. Haven't bothered to clean it up too well because the landlord is going to fix it up. Although, maybe I should do a mopping, or clean it up because I would be surprised if it was fixed before September.

As you can tell from recent photos my poos have been really disgusting lately. Maybe this is how they used to be, before I started taking pictures of them. It's hard to say, I didn't pay too much attention before. Generally I feel okay though, so I'm not worried. If any of you are poo doctors and are concerned by the appearence of my poo maybe you could give me some advice.

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