Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hulk Poo!

I had a good birthday. Maybe it was the coke, or just the constant stream of guests (my family came over for the afternoon, followed by friends in the evening), but I don't think I pooed on Saturday or Sunday. I might have, but it wasn't very memorable and my girlfriend was around so I didn't take any pictures (sorry 'bout that).

Yesterday however, my girlfriend I went to see The Incredible Hulk movie at the Varsity and snuck in our candy. I brought a large bag of peanut m&ms and a bottle of coke. She just brought in a bottle of water but bought popcorn, which I ate of freely.

I guess the coke did what coke does best because I had to poo real good by the time the movie was over (good movie too by the way, lots of fun, lots of good Hulk Smash and all that, plus Edward Norton, so...). I was meeting my team at a pub near my school for that extra-curricular project I've mentioned before but I had to poo first.

It started off nice and healthy feeling, just a good well paced crap you know, but I guess once we got past sunday's shit the coke and m&m's made their influence felt and you can see the result. Yuck. I hadn't had any dinner yet, but I didn't have much appetite after this.

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