Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kibbles and Bits and Cottage Cheese

Don't these two look like dog food and cottage cheese, respectively?

I haven't been having a good week. I haven't been eating very well, I actually flushed a poo without taking a picture by accident the other day AND I've been a little depressed about being a loser lately. The result: Shits like the above two, both in the same day. And I had another soupy one last night but my girlfriend was around so I didn't photograph it. Sorry.

I still don't have a job. I'm running out of money. My girlfriend says she'll loan me my rent, but what guy wants his girlfriend to do that?! I'm a bum, a dead beat, a loser, etc.

On the bright side, this week marks the start of Phase II of my P90X. I'm quite impressed with myself for making it this far. The sad truth though is that I probably wouldn't have made it this far if I had a job. How depressing is that.

Plus the weather has been fucking awful lately. We had a couple of good sunny days this week, but it rained last weekend and it's really weird out right now. It was supposed to be 30 celsius, feels like 40, but instead it's 17! I don't know who fucked that up, and it feels like it's going to rain any second, but it hasn't yet. Story of my life.

Yeah, the whole idea of "eating well", like even marginally following the p90x nutrition guide has been completely ignore the last two to three weeks. Not COMPLETELY ignored, but in the past week or two I've had a few beers, a pound of wings, half a large pizza, about 4 litres of coke, ice cream, candy, etc, etc, etc. I wouldn't have taken notice at all two or three months ago, but now I'm all "ugh, that's unhealthy, blah blah blah". Probably has a lot to do with my mood eh?

Yoga X today was brutal. I felt like a whiny baby. I started off fine but by half way through I was just pissed off by everything. Couldn't even appreciate the stretching feeling.

Life sucks. but I guess it'll only get better.

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