Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pooin' at the 'rents' Day Two

So it was my niece's 5th birthday part today. 20, dirty, clumsy, ugly Oshawa kids running around a small backyard with their dirty, ugly, stupid parents completely ignoring them. Not COMPLETELY ignoring, but you know, not really interested in anything they're doing.

Lunch was hot dogs, of course, and coke. Man, I drank a lot of coke today. Only one beer, but probably about 6 cans of coke. I don't feel too bad about it really, but I'm sure I will.

It's strange though, coke doesn't seem to have much of an impact on my system when I'm at my parent's house. Don't know what that's about.

Smoked salmon turned into grilled salmon and grilled squash for dinner tonight. While the smoker was heating up the flame blew out, so it would have been an extra hour or more before it would be ready. We were all too hungry. As it was, it was delicious, so I couldn't complain, but my roommate really likes smoked salmon so I was hoping I could report back to her on the quality of home-smoked salmon.

As for p90x I didn't do my Kenpo X today. I woke up really fucking tired this morning and have stayed up too late tonight. I probably won't do X Stretch tomorrow either. Although what I should do is cram the whole week's worth of workout into the next two days while I'm in a home with air conditioning. How are you supposed to work out when it's 40 degrees?

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