Sunday, June 8, 2008

Parents House Day 3 - The Final Chapter

Yeah, I forgot and wiped before taking the picture again. I also spat a thick loogie in the bowl at some point (that's not semen in the water), so this is not a very good picture, but it wasn't the greatest poo either.

Some morning poos are really great but others, like this one, are unpleasant. Something tells me all that coke led up to this.

Spent a lot of yesterday and all of today helping my dad get his boat ready for the water, but in the end he was too tired and beat to finish it up. This was okay by me. I wasn't expecting to have to do all that work all weekend, I thought I'd just be helping out at the Yacht Club to raise the boat off the trailer and lower it into the water. So I was kind of beat too. Oh well, I'll probably go back out there on wednesday.

My mom made bacon and pancakes for lunch today. A whole pound of bacon and enough pancakes for my entire family: 2 parents, 3 sons, 1 daughter in law, 4 grandkids. It was a lot of pancakes. I ate four. Apparently my mom needs to learn how to scale back a little.

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