Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So I got up at 5, got dressed, ate some mini-wheats and left my girlfriend's apartment with the intention of coming home, doing today's p90x workout, eating some more breakfast and having my day get off to a strong start before 9am.

I didn't feel all that tired. I felt pretty good considering the recipe I made for dinner last night called for a 1/4 glass of white wine, so I drank the rest of it. I got home and had Poo #1 up there at the top. Not much of a poo. I thought there'd be a lot more but even that little bit was hard to get out.

I sat down at my computer and had a look at what the day's workout had in store for me and decided to have a nap. After an hour though I still didn't feel up to it. I guess I was in fact hung over a little. tch tch. So I slept some more, until about 9:15 or so I guess. Feeling much better I got up and guess what! Another poo (#2)! Much more satisfying, the kind of poo I want to have when I'm hung over. Cleansing, you know?

So now I'm feeling much better, but it's too late in the morning to work out, so I'm doing more productive things and will work out in the afternoon.

P.S.: I made Gordon Ramsay's Baked Chicken in a zucchini, eggplant and tomato ragout and it was REALLY GOOD. Just about the best chicken I've ever made. I highly recommend picking up "Fast Food", great recipes and nice design too!

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