Monday, June 16, 2008


Yeah I've been slacking off a bit too much. I had stuff to do on Friday, or I just didn't want to bother to leave my girlfriend's place and come back to my place. Anyway, the thing is I haven't done a p90x workout since wednesday. That's not good. I missed Yoga, Legs and Back, Kenpo and Stretch.

It would be difficult to cram all that into TODAY. But what I'm going to try is to do Yoga right after I post this, and then later this afternoon I'll do today's workout. Tomorrow morning I'll do Legs and Back from last week and then later tomorrow I'll do tomorrow's workout. I'm already exhausted thinking about it. I don't know. Maybe I'll just have lunch, let it settle and just do today's workout. But I REALLY want to work on my legs more. Grr, I'm stupid. And all of this takes up a lot of time. Each workout is about an hour long and Yoga is an hour and a half! It's already noon! Fuck. I have to start getting up early again. it's the only way.

Meanwhile, here's a poo I had this morning. It came out easy, I can barely remember it.

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