Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just another poo


It's not that I'm becoming disinterested in this blog, it's that I'm afraid I don't have much to offer. Yes, today I pooed. This is what the poo looked like. Ta daa.

Last night I ate left over turkey curry with rice, had one beer earlier in the afternoon. Drank a little less than a litre of water while sitting in the park (but definitely more than a litre over the course of the day), started my p90x workout but stopped before the end of the warm up.

Today I have to do some grocery shopping. I have to make sure I eat better and more often if I'm going to have the energy to finish up p90x right. Phase III starts next week and I REALLY want to kick it's ass and finish on a high note.

I'm considering putting all these poos onto a cd and leaving copies of the cd in various bathrooms around the city. I think I need at least a hundred though, so I'm not ready yet. Plus I should watermark each of the images with the address of this blog. That sounds tedious. Is there a quick and easy way to just make photoshop do that to a bunch of selected pictures?

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