Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ipood touch

Perhaps a blatant marketing ploy. All I really have to report is that I was up at 5 this morning. Worked out, had a poo (picture left), and continued the long process of transferring all my cds onto my computer so that I won't have to do it when or if I eventually get an ipod.

Meanwhile, someone started a thread on stillepost.ca for p90x updates. So if you're looking for the same level of absurdity coupled with p90x, that's where you'll find it. Also it proves that p90x is now in the popular culture, ranking somewhere between the movie Underworld and The Magic Bullet home appliance. Way to go P90X! You've earned the ironic appreciation and hipster scorn you're been working towards! If you really want to take it further you'll start advertising on American Gladiators.

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