Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back on Track

Okay, so the poo is looking a little better today. I bought a bunch of good groceries the other day, got back on the p90x horse after skipping a couple of days and I'm all hardcore and stuff again.
Spent yesterday helping my dad launch his boat then wandered around downtown oshawa for a bit. Lots of sketchy folks down there but also... I don't know, I kind of love downtown oshawa. Of course, I also blog about my poo. shrug.

Had some tacos from that bright yellow place that makes its own tortillas with a shiny chrome machine (can remember or find the name of it anywhere but I seem to remember it being reviewed somewhere recently) in Kensington and they were pretty good. Really basic, rather cheap, quite tasty, and I didn't get the runs. Definitely better than Taco Bell, obviously. And you can buy a kilo of their taco tortillas for $3.00

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