Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tragically Out of Focus!

Sorry about the quality of this shot, I guess I was in a bit of a hurry and I couldn't really see the image on my phone that well, so this is what you get. oops.

You know how people say you shouldn't shop for groceries while you're hungry because then you'll only buy stuff you're craving? Something like the opposite happened to me today. Shortly after I arrived at the No Frills on Lansdowne I felt the familiar burbling of a poo in my guts. But I couldn't leave because this no frills is actually kind of far from my house, but I go there because it's cheap and big. Anyway, there was definitely a poo coming, but I was looking for some very specific items. See, I'm sick of my bread going mouldy, so I've decided to bake my own! This way it'll be cheaper (maybe, probably not), and I can bake smaller loaves that I can actually finish before they go bad (hopefully).

Now, I know there are some gaps in this logic. I'm going to calculate it all out and see if it actually is cheaper, and I have a feeling that all those chemicals and preservities in corporate bread help it last a lot longer than mine will, but it's an experiment, and it'll be fun.

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