Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bathurst Beef Patties

We haven't been eating so well since getting back from Montreal. I haven't been at home, my girlfriend has been off work (so we prefer to spend our time together) and neither of us has felt much like buying groceries.

We did however pick up a half-dozen spicy beef patties from the bakery in Bathurst station on Monday, and then we got another half dozen today. That's good news for you folks, not such good news for the beaches here in Toronto. Sorry.

In other news my girlfriend has decided to start P90X, which is very exciting! She looks great if you ask me, I love her to death but she isn't always so confident about her body, so hopefully this will help. I got her a couple of weights a couple weeks ago and today we picked up a chin-up bar. She can't do a chin-up without a chair yet but she will eventually. I'm excited for her!

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