Monday, July 7, 2008

Holy Crap it's HOT!

Toronto is having a fairly typical summer it seems, but in typical Toronto fashion nobody seems to remember that it always gets this hot and humid and miserable.

This weekend was actually quite nice though, it wasn't too humid and there was a decent breeze most of the time, so it was bearable. Tomorrow isn't supposed to be as lovely though. It's supposed to be about 27 c. but will feel like 37 c. CRAZY!!

We had some really rough days last year though, like 45 with the humidex!

In Poo news, this was my first poo at my girlfriend's place while she was in the other room since I told her about this blog. And since she now knows about it I am free to snap as many pictures of my poo with her around as I like! Hooray!

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