Wednesday, July 9, 2008


This morning (this is how they did the trippy space effects near the end of 2001)

Also this morning

Multiple poos in the same day never result in very healthy poos. I actually felt a little ill this morning when I had the second poo, but by this afternoon I was feeling fine. Relatively fine. I had two coffees around lunch time and the second coffee was definitely a mistake. I was jittery the rest of the afternoon (still am a little and it's almost 6pm).

I'm not sure what the cause of these unpleasant poos was, except that maybe it was the horrible bread I baked.

All the ingredients cost me about $13, although the amounts were much more than I needed, so I have left over molasses, flour, yeast, etc. Mixing the flour into the molasses, milk, water, yeast, and so on started off pretty easy and simple and I was optimistic, but by the time I started working in the second half of the rye flour it became a serious workout. It was extremely tough working in all that flour and I began to worry that the temperature of the room, the sweat from my hands and the length of time spent working on it were going to adversely affect the bread.

Eventually I was ready to let it rise, supposedly to double, but it didn't reach double after an hour and 15 minutes (timed by how long it took me to get through my p90x workout). I didn't know what else to do so I cut it into two and waited for the two loaves to rise. They rose somewhat after an hour but not a lot, so I threw it in the oven anyway. Yesterday was one of the hottest days of the year so far, so I had the exhaust fan on high and my floor fan pointed out the kitchen window, but it was still incredibly hot. After the appointed 45 minutes I took out the two loaves. Rock solid, heavy and hot as coals. god dammit. And how did the bread taste? Like molasses of course! 4 tablespoons of molasses. I thought it seemed like a lot, but that's what the recipe called for!

ugh, I'll try another recipe some other time but for now I'm a little discouraged. Then again, I'm not a baker. I'm a pooer.

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