Monday, July 21, 2008

Montreal Poo #2

Remember how I hate it when the poo gets above the water line? This was particularly unpleasant because I had gone another whole day without crapping.

It started off reasonable and fine but boy, it didn't end well. I actually wished the toilet had been see through (not really), because I think this poo took the shape of a mushroom cloud. I guess a lot of it get held up by the toilet itself because as you can see, in front there appears to be a lot of unoccupied space.

So how come this poo turned out so fucking ugly? Well first there was coffee, then there was granola bars (a staple of this trip), then nachos, coke, more coke, beer, poutine, and another coke. 'nuff said.

The Poutine was from La Banquise Poutine on Rue Rachel and it was pretty damn good. I could have done with more cheese curds but that's a small quibble. My girlfriend and I ordered the Large Poutine Obelix, that's with smoked meat on it, and shared it on a park. For some reason we thought the place was on a different street and we were very discouraged until we stumbled upon the actual location by chance, then we were happy! Youpee!

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