Thursday, July 3, 2008

TermPOOnator 2: Judgement Poo

This morning (girlfriend's house)

This afternoon (at school)

Don't have much to report except that last night I was forced to tell my girlfriend about this blog. She was... I don't know what to say. She thought it was funny, but she was concerned that I had kept it a secret from her. She wanted to know what else I was hiding from her. The logic being, If I could hide this from her I could hide other stuff. Sigh.

Anyway, it all started because I was trying to transfer my p90x videos from my computer to her computer. The best thing we could think of was to use the infrared deal on her phone, but that was taking forever and my girlfriend happened to notice a folder titled "Poos" on my desktop. So why have a folder related to a secret project on my desktop? Because I wasn't really keeping it a secret anyway. I just hadn't told her about it yet. I didn't want to jinx it, or tell her about it and then it's something she can say, "so how's the poo blog doing?" and I have to acknowledge that I haven't posted in a long time or something and then I get depressed. You know what I mean?

We sorted it out, it was fine. She was a little concerned about the quality of my poos, all I could do was shrug. Later in the evening she took a poo and decided to let me see it!! Holy SHIT! It was literally as thick as my forearm, dark with the texture of a PowerBar, and straight and rigid looking. I honestly have no idea how it came out of her ass. She'd always told me she had big poos, but I just thought she meant LOTS of poo, not actually really large logs. Crazy!

She will not, however, be posting photos of her poo on this blog. Sorry to say.

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