Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sigh... Coke.



Too much coke, man. My girlfriend went to lunch with her grandmother and because they're chinese thought it might be a little weird for me so I didn't go. Instead I bought a 2L bottle of coke and played Lego Star Wars and read all afternoon.

Didn't have a poo last night though, lots of gas, but no poo. The poo had to wait until this morning. And then for lunch I had a sub and a small bottle of coke, which led to this second poo WHICH was my first poo in our new toilet!

The bathroom guys finally finished redoing the bathroom in my house. It's not beautiful but it's better than before. Minor oversights: They didn't replace the lights which use some kind of funny super-bright/hot ikea bulbs and which are purple and therefore don't match the bathroom at all anymore. And there are no cabinets or shelves on which to place bathroom items. For a house with three people that's a little crazy.

And they did nothing to clean up the place afterward. Classy.

So that's why the water is so cloudy in the toilet, it's full of dust and grit.

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