Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friend's girlfriend drips poo from toilet to shower!

Sorry for the tease, no picture just a quick little update to tell you about a friend of mine.

Went out with a friend of mine tonight, a clean freak who likes to use disinfectant wipes on his phone at work and on door handles at least once a week (and yet would sometimes put condoms on pay phones as a prank).

I mentioned to him about discovering my girlfriend's giant poos and he told me that his girlfriend has a disturbing habit of not wiping every time. Usually it's just when she's going to shower right after so it's not a big deal but on more than TWO occassions my friend has gone into the bathroom after her and discovered poo drippings on either the floor or the edge of the bathtub!!

Now, I may be the kind of guy who takes pictures of his poo and posts them on the internet, but I would never subject anyone to having to experience my poos outside of a toilet and in person. That's just gross!

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