Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Oh man! Went to see Eraserhead at the Bloor last night. First time, can you believe it? It was great! Made me want to make movies again, of course then i think about how many years it took Lynch to finish it and all the personal troubles he went through at the time and I figure I'm probably doing all right with this professional path I'm on.

On the way home i felt a sudden poo coming on again. My girlfriend lectured me that it's because I drank about a litre of coke earlier in the day and ate a PayDay during the movie and used this as further evidence that my poos are unhealthy.

Now, you can't see it so well in the picture but this poo was not your usual, run of the mill coke poo, it turned out that the sudden urgency I felt in my bowels was more a result of gas than liquified feces and when the first bit of shit came out it was a long, solid cord that coiled at the bottom, definitely something good right? By the end maybe it was getting a little inconsistant but overall I felt very good about this one.

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