Monday, August 25, 2008

Slacking off now

Well it's been a good summer. This will be my 112th post, almost all of which have included a photo of my poo. If you've noticed a pattern here, or a common theme, so have I, and to be honest I'm getting a little bored.
So I can't say that this will be my last post on I Poo Daily, but I probably won't post again unless I have something particularly interesting to share with you.
And who knows, if for some reason people actually start visiting this site perhaps I'll start posting on a regular basis again, but right now I kind of feel the way I did before I started this blog, like all my poos were just going down the drain. I've preserved some of them here, and I feel good about that, but you know, if a bear shits in the forest and nobody ever sees it, does it have a smell?


Qelqoth said...

Someone shared this site with me on BlogCatalog and I must say - this is one of the most bizarre weblogs I've ever seen on the internets.

I'm actually surprised by the lack of comments here. I haven't seen any "OMFG UR SICK" and "dude, you need to get out more" like I am personally accustomed to.

I can't say that I would enjoy browsing stool samples every day but I'm sure there are enough people out there who do, whether it be out of general interest or for sexual purposes.

I'm guessing that it's usually the latter. But either way, at least this page isn't full of banal shit. However, it is full of shit. :)

G. I. Poo said...

Thanks for the kind-ish words. Tell your friends!

Qelqoth said...

Already did sir. I left you a review on StumbleUpon. It may take a while but I assure you that my ridiculously large network of 18'000+ drones will result in a bunch of people viewing your "shit" over the next few days. Enjoy. :)