Thursday, August 7, 2008

Skip a day, easy poo anyway

I didn't poo yesterday. I really thought I would have to, but I didn't.

The other night I ate the greasiest calzone of my life. Calzones are probably supposed to be greasy, since they're made with just cheese and sauce, but man, this was squishy!

I got it from Bitondo's, which happens to be just around the corner from my house (and is pretty famous for cheap, huge greasy pizza slices of just one variety) and it was already something like 10pm. I was ridiculously stuffed and greasy feeling after, and not particularly happy with myself. I kind of expected to wake up and have to take a monster shit right away... but I didn't. I didn't poo all day. I was starting to get concerned, but whatever. I knew it would happen eventually, and it did!

Man, now I want one of those fucking calzones again. Bastards!

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