Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beers. Shits.

I didn't realize while it was happening just how much shit was coming out of my ass, but I should have realized.

Last night was my friend R___'s birthday party at a nice restaurant/bar on Markham street. I had three pints of beer and (probably what tipped me into the shits) a Manhattan. At the end of the night other people were ordering martinis so I thought I'd get a Manhattan. It was tasty.

The shits didn't hit me right away in the morning, I guess because I wasn't too drunk the night before, even though I was a bit hung over with an unpleasant headache. Still, the shits waited until my headache was cleared up and I'd had a lot of water to drink. Maybe that was better.

Anyhow, the night before my girlfriend and I made chicken burritos and you can make out a yellow kernel of corn in the bottom right corner of that pile of shit. Apparently I should chew better.

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