Saturday, August 23, 2008


No, I don't feel alone at all. I didn't poo at all today until my girlfriend and I got home from her brother's birthday dinner. They're chinese, and I mean the family is chinese. My girlfriend and her brother would be happy to go to swiss chalet or something I'm sure but when grandma is there and dad and step-mom, it calls for a nice big chinese dinner.
So we headed out to North York, or wherever, to one of the many strip malls full of authentic chinese restaurants. It was packed!
This is not the kind of chinese restaurant that serves chicken balls and special fried rice, no way man, peking duck, dumplings, some kind of spicy deep fried pork chop, jellyfish (I ate Jellyfish!, it was crunchy in a strange way, completely different from what I ever expected jellyfish to be like and unlike anything else I've ever eaten).
It was great, lots of delicious food, but so greasy! I was really surprised that this poo was so small, I was expecting the entire evening's meal to just slide right out of me. Instead all I got was this little guy. Cute.

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