Saturday, August 9, 2008

the long and short of it, plus Pinapple Express



In Montreal Pineapple Express is called Anana Express. This was one of the delights of the city we discovered on our trip a couple weeks ago.

Went to see it with my girlfriend last night. It was funny! It was a lot better than the reviews said, although it is purely stupid. It's not a SMART comedy by any stretch. I don't know what Eye magazine was expecting. Too much apparently because I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I don't even smoke pot. I've never even been high. Whatever. Go see it and laugh, don't try to analyze it.

In pooing news, I pooed as soon as we got home from the movie. It felt like it would be more, but it was just a decent long one, followed twelve hours later by an unpleasant little explosion of shit.

Lately my diet has followed nothing resembling a pattern and thus, neither have my poos.

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