Wednesday, August 13, 2008

POOr Choices



We still don't have a cabinet in our bathroom, so we don't have a mirror, so my roommate has been using a small hand mirror and I have a somewhat larger mirror in my room (I stole this mirror when I worked for a framing store. There was a scrap piece of mirror that was sort of in between too small to keep and too big to throw out, so I stole a frame for it, put it together and brought it home. It's a few years old now) that I use.

I kind of had to poo all afternoon but couldn't really commit to the action. My face has been stubbly because I prefer to shave with my straight razor but because there's no mirror in the bathroom I try not to shower at my house and my girlfriend doesn't like the straight razor, etc, etc, so I was shaving with my electric razor in my bedroom when I felt like I really ought to poo.

So I took the razor into the bathroom and had a seat and started to shit. It wasn't until the first little log hit the water that I realized I'd left my cell phone in my bedroom. Well I finished what I was doing and wiped but, well I really didn't want to flush it away, and this new toilet is a little small to accomodate toilet paper while leaving a good view of the shit, so I wiped and carefully placed each of the three wads of toilet paper I used on the edge of the bathtub while I ran back to my room to get my camera phone.

Nobody who lives with me will be happy to hear about this, but I swear that the poo did not touch the tub, I was very careful about it. But I apologize, I should have realized sooner that my phone was in my bedroom.

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