Friday, August 1, 2008

News - August 1, 2008

A private beach in Topeka Kansas may have been the target of a fecal prank as numerous logs of human crap washed up on the shore. Irresponsible and disgusting if it was indeed a prank, but it may also have been the result of overwhelmed water treatment facilities.

According to this article there's something of a trend in civil disobedience going on in the states. People are throwing, smearing and other depositing their poos on the property of people or organizations they don't aggree with. I find it rather telling however that the article says it's something black people do and that the practice started in prisons. Just sayin' it's not necessarily black folks doing it.
(in a related story:
Vandals throw feces, deface Middle Smithfield Pizzeria)

...but nearby residents are worried that it will smell. Why does this always come up? Do they think the people who work there want to smell turkey shit all day? Put simply in the article 'you can't burn wet, smelly shit and it won't be out in the open anyway" so get over it.

This project will burn gas produced in the treatment of sewage to produce electricity, sounds a lot better than just dumping it in the ocean, eh Victoria, BC?

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