Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poo Knight

Finally saw Dark Knight this afternoon, in IMAX, with my girlfriend, exactly as I'd hope to see it.

My girlfriend wasn't 100% keen on seeing the movie at first and she really didn't give a shit if she saw it in IMAX or what, but because I "really really" wanted to she conceded and happened to finish work early this afternoon, so we decided to go (me being a bum it was not difficult to clear my schedule).

So it was great. It had problems with reality, asked you to make a couple of leaps in logic, but overall didn't ask too much and was plenty entertaining along the way.

The film's biggest fault is Christian Bale's Batman voice, or growl, or whatever you want to call it. I don't mind him having a husky, menacing Batman voice, but if it gets difficult to understand, you gotta scale it back, and when he's pleading with someone with a gun to a child's head, and it's a fairly emotional scene, you might expect Bruce Wayne's voice to peek through a crack here and there.
But whatever, it was epic, it didn't drag ever, and it was exciting.

Oh yeah, Heath Ledger. He was great too. I can't say Oscar though because what the fuck, he's playing a character, and he's clearly playing a "character". At one point during one of his diatribes I actually found myself wondering, "where did this guy come from?" What I mean is, we know why Batman is fucked up, we get to see why Two-Face is fucked up, but why the fuck is the Joker so fucked up? His stories about how he got his scars are different each time he tells it. Ledger makes him a very interesting character but unfortunately there's nothing there to discover. Maybe the Nolan brothers can tell us about what they had to cut for time in the DVD commentary.

Now on to the poo: Can't think of anything. Sorry.

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