Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vincent Gallo

Have you ever heard Vincent Gallo's album "When"? It's really really good, and the only reason I've heard it is because of my crazy dad.

My dad knew someone who's son had a radio show or something maybe. I don't know exactly. Anyhow, one day I came home to visit and he said there was a box of cds in the basement and I should have a look through and take whatever I want. There were a bunch of samplers and multiples of bad independently produced albums. There were a few that seemed maybe worth my time but the only one I listen to was what appeared to be a preview of Galo's "When".

I knew who Vincent Gallo was, I might have even known that he did some music, but I mostly just knew him from his movies, so this was of interest to me. I put on the cd and it was completely different from what I ever imagined her would create. I'm not a music guy so I'm not going to describe it except to say that it's a good album to listen to when you're lonely and sad and you've been up for the last 20 hours or more, drifting in and out of sleep and sobbing.

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