Tuesday, August 5, 2008




Well it looks like all the coke and beer from the weekend caught up to me... with a splash. Although the poutine on Monday night probably didn't help.

Went to Utopia on college street for what is hailed as one of the best orders of poutine in the city (runner up to The Blue Chip Truck in front of Nathan Philips Square). It was a good poutine, tasty gravy, real curds, etc. The fries though, they were a little tough. Like they'd been fried, sat around for a long time and then fried again. Or maybe a few times. I don't know. They weren't frozen, pretty sure of that, but they were tough. Hard to describe.

And before the poutine I finished off some left over ribs from the weekend so I was really stuffed. Funny how your poo can look like what you ate, eh? Cheese Curds anyone?

Also: Found another poo blog. I guess I have some competition. If I was an outside observer I think I'd still prefer I Poo Daily to Daily Poo Poo though. See, GI Poo understands that people don't really want to get up close and personal with other people's shits, that's why he continues to use his cheap cell phone camera, he mostly prefers the fuzzy, kind of out of focus poo pictures. They're more abstract that way, leave a little to the imagination. Y'know?

It funny how similar our blogs are though. I suggest you read us both!

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