Thursday, August 14, 2008

How many times have YOU crapped in your life?

I guess it's an odd thing to look at as an accomplishment, but this is my 97th post, including I think two or three no-photo posts, but also including several "double" posts, so I'd say I've got photos of about 100 shits on this blog.

And there's no way to avoid equating that with the fact that I have had over 100 bowel movements since I started this blog. I don't think that's something people think about very often. How many shits have you taken in your life? I can't answer that question for myself, but if you were to ask me how many shits have I taken in the last three months or so, I could easily tell you that it has been about 100.

My girlfriend could answer this question much more easily because she is an incredibly regular person. She shits every day at about 8:00 am. When she doesn't she gets worried. The last couple of days she has been a little worried. Somehow she forgot to take her pill on sunday, then on monday she didn't have to poo. Monday evening when she went to take her monday pill she realized she'd missed one so she took two. Tuesday morning she didn't have to poo. Could it be that The Pill makes not just your periods more predictable but also your shits?! Wednesday morning she pooed and was very happy about it. She also told me not to write about her ordeal. She also told me she doesn't read this blog, can't read this blog, won't read this blog. I'm okay with that. Nobody reads this blog.

But even if nobody reads this blog I will continue to post pictures of my poo. I don't have a goal in mind, this is an open ended project. I can't imagine why I'd stop. It's just so easy to do. So here's to another 100 poos, and a hundred more after that, and 1000 more beyond, ad nauseum.

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