Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Stick Driven into Frozen Winter Shit

So it's cold out now. So far this blog has been written entirely during summer months. It's warm in the summer. It's cold in the autumn and winter. And that's where we are now in Toronto. It rained little beads of ice on me on my way home from school last night. My coat was covered in tiny white specks that quickly turns to wet dots of water.

But none of this has much to do with poo.

Or my absense all this time.

What has happened? I finished P90X has previously mentioned and took a month off from it. A month and a bit I guess. I continued to do push ups and pull ups though and my arms do seem noticeably stronger or defined. Now that I've restarted P90X I'm finding I have less energy to do it. Possibly because I'm actually doing other things during the day, specifically going to classes.

Speaking of which. I had a class trip to Philadelphia for a week. It was fun. My shits were pretty massive the whole time, possibly because of the giant free breakfast offered by the hotel every day coupled with easy access to delicious cheesesteaks. But I had to share a room with class mates so the click of the camera phone would be a little conspicuous. Sorry.

This is not the restart of regular blogging though, I'll still only be doing it once in a while, but I thought I'd check in and let you all know what's happening. 

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