Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Democratic Poorty

I'm actually quite glad and optimistic about Barack Obama's election, so I don't mean to make any associations between the democrats and a steaming pile of shit. You know me, I just like poo puns.

So I was at Sneaky Dee's at College and Bathurst last night enjoying some dinner and a few beers with a good friend, according to plans that did not take into account the US Election. Didn't even occur to me when we decided which day to meet up, but whatever. Dee's had CNN on the tv instead of sports, so that was cool.

The restaurant got a lot of spill over from Plaza Flamingo next door, which was the venue for the Democrats Abroad election party. Lots of Americans in this town apparently.

I wasn't planning on drinking too much or staying out too late, but the election made for pretty compelling television and my friend and I hadn't hung out for a while, so we shared two and a half pitchers while watching the events unfold.

When I got out to my bike I discovered my front light was missing. I blame the high concentration of Americans in the area. I'm joking. I'm sure it was just some assholes who thought it'd be cool to turn on the light and see how far they could throw it or something. Well, the joke was on them (I hope), because the batteries were almost dead and it was becoming increasingly difficult to turn on and off.

So this poo wasn't the first poo of the day. The first one was a good case of beer shits first thing in the morning, but you know how I've been cutting back on this blog. This poo was made while at school and man, did I take my time on it. Whoo! I didn't even realize what kind of a poo it was turning out to be until I had a look, and I was surprised so I thought I'd share it with you folks.

There was a ton of gas with this poo, loud gas, but not painful. As you can see most of the poos are pretty small and soft. I blame the beer and the coke I had to drink with lunch. Yes, I've been cutting down my Coke consumption but I still drink it here and there. Definitely not as much as I used to though.

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