Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What A Rip Off!

So take a good look at this picture. Notice the pale yellow portions of the poo? There are two clearly visible yellow lumps in that major cable, plus another at the end of the largest of the floaters. The two little floaters near the bottom of the photo are actually the same material as the yellow lumps, but they're coated in poo, so they're disguised a little.

The material? dried mango. Why do I feel ripped off? Because I just ate that damn dried mango this morning! I only bought it this morning in fact! and now look! For crying out loud!

I guess the real lesson here is to chew more thoroughly. I hang my head in shame. On the up-side, however, my poo today met many of the criteria set out by the "ideal poo" webpage linked at the side of this page. How well does your stool stand up?

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