Friday, May 23, 2008

On the Runs

Something in my lower guts quivered as my girlfriend and I walked towards Bloor street after having dinner at Shanghai Cowgirl. I'd had the same thing as last time, the Philly Cheese sandwich, but this evening the sauce tasted a bit different. I thought maybe it was just a bit too creamy, or instead of actually using mushrooms they used a can of soup. Whatever it was it didn't taste so great.

I don't neccessarily blame the food there for what happened though. The only other thing I'd had to eat during the day was a small glass of Mudslide, a sausage from the street corner and a can of coke. And I had a can of pepsi with the Philly Cheese sandwich.

By the time we got to Harbord it was decided that I would go directly to my girlfriend's house and she would continue up to Bloor to rent a movie and get some candy. I really didn't feel like getting any candy though.

The walk on Harbord from Spadina to Bathurst was intense. I felt sweat beading up on my ass and thighs. I couldn't be sure it wasn't poo leaking out of my ass. I didn't dare let out any farts or unclench my buttocks for any reason. I knew this would be a gusher.

I made it up the stairs to my girlfriend's apartment, opened the door, grabbed a book ("Hyperion") and undid my pants. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get my pants off in time and almost cursed the decision to waste precious miliseconds picking up the book, but I managed to sit down on the toilet in time to let it all out.

ugh, what a sound.
and the smell!
Of course, nothing really beats the sensation of expelling something foul from your body.

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