Monday, May 26, 2008

hmm, thought there was more up there...

Been feeling it in there all morning but never felt it enough to want to push it out, so I just went about my business. Did some YogaX, ate some lunch, got some groceries, came home, put the food away and suddenly really needed to poo.

I thought there'd be more than what came out though. That's a close-up shot, so don't be confused. It looks big, but it's not really. I guess it might be kind of thick, and pretty dense, but there wasn't much.

I'm back on the p90x after a 1 week break. I'd stopped just before the recovery week and since it was the Victoria Day long weekend it was kind of difficult to get up early, or find any time to work out from friday to monday. Then on tuesday I had that interview and was in a state of suspended animation until friday when they rejected me for the position. My girlfriend says it's a good thing because it wasn't in my field anyway, but I'd still rather have SOMETHING to do.

So now I'm back on it, and I'm going to make a schedule for myself, so I can do p90x, and stuff that's actually productive. If I'm not going to work I'm certainly not going to be a bum!

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