Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's a little poo!

All that work and this was the best I could do this morning. Unbelievable! Squeeze, squeeze, nothing.

I did the p90x yoga today. Wonder if that had anything to do with it. Actually as I was pushing I was admiring my abs and thinking what a great help these ab exercises have been for my pooing. Then again, maybe not.

I just got a call for an interview for monday, so that's exciting. It's not exactly in my field but it's something and it's not free work, so that's good. I hope I get it. It's at Yonge and Lawrence which could mean a lot more reading to get done on the subway or some seriously thick thighs by the end of the summer from cycling up there every day. I think I'll try to ride up there at least once a week. Maybe I'll do a test run today. It occurs to me that Monday is a holiday however. Strange. Maybe lawyers don't take holidays? It doesn't matter much to me anyway, every day is a holiday until I start working.

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