Monday, May 12, 2008


First poo in a little while for me. Not sure what's going on. Probably just a little stressed or tense. Maybe not enough fibre in this p90x diet, I don't know.

Nice double helix on this bunch of poo though eh? Kind of looks like some DNA or one of those twisty donuts.

I'm a little concerned about the advertising on this blog. I've got it set up with adsense, but I'm not getting anything. Sometimes there are ads, sometimes there aren't, sometimes they're charity ads. I was really hoping to see ads for exlax or fibre supplements. I thought talking about my p90x experience would help generate ads for p90x, I thought talking about being a fan of Gordon Ramsay would generate Gordon Ramsay ads, but I guess high rollers like Fox and the Food Network don't need to advertise with Google. It's a little disappointing that's all.

Also I'm not getting any readers. Not sure how to promote this thing. Can't seem to find any similar forums or other blogs where readers might be interested in this sort of thing. Shit.

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