Friday, May 23, 2008

Feeling kinda Shitty to tell you the truth

Don't laugh, it's not a joke. I feel like crap. Not sick, just shitty. No energy, no interest in anything, just generally poopy.

This was my poop today. I can't even remember it. I guess it was right after I said goodbye to my girlfriend but before I got in the shower. Totally forgetable. Just like me.

The best thing about today is that I finished Splinter Cell: Double Agent on the Wii, then I topped my high score in tanks on Wii Play. Pretty fucking exciting eh? And I got my ass kicked three games in a row on Wii Tennis. But you, they expect more from a "Pro".

La dee da. That's what I did all day while waiting to hear about that job I interviewed for on Tuesday. It's getting late in the day so I decided to call. The lady says her boss is going over the resumes and they'll make a decision by 6. Great. I don't know what to do if i don't get that job.

Ate a sausage from the street and drank a can of coke on my way to my house from my girlfriend's. But that was after the poo. Haven't eaten anything else today. Could be the cause of my ennui.

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