Thursday, May 1, 2008


Hey, another green poo! And check out that texture! It looks like pot! or dreadlocks. Must be the cabbage, that's about the only thing I've been eating consistantly over the past two days. Although I have also added a few things to my diet thanks to P90X, such as cottage cheese, and salad.

Today I had a salad with red lettuce, broccoli, celery, green onion and cottage cheese. It was pretty tasty, but it did not affect this poo since this poo actually came this morning after my workout, but before my lunch.

Yep, p90x is still kicking my ass, but just a little bit less so today. It was Yoga X today, but shit, I sweated through the first half as if it was plyometrics. Seriously. I hurt a little less today too, although that could be from the Rub A535. *shrug*

Can't seem to find a job yet. None of the jobs I applied for in the past couple of months have called me back and it seems all the offices I've applied to this week have already hired their students for the summer. Getting kind of anxious.

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