Thursday, May 29, 2008

A New Day

Yeah, I don't know what happened the last couple of days. On Tuesday I pooed in the afternoon, then again late at night (like, I got up out of bed at 11:30 to go poo), then in the morning too! The last two weren't photographed because I was at my girlfriend's house. Maybe it was the waffles?

On our way home the other night my girlfriend and I spotted a pile of junk left over from a yard sale. It appeared to be free for the taking. Among the dishrack and a bunch of other crap was a heart shaped waffle iron! So we took it and looked up recipes. Pretty delicious! Then later on I got piles of poop backed up in me. Go figure.

I told my roommate about this blog. I'd mentioned starting something like this a long time ago and then one day she heard the shutter sound effect of my phone while I was in the bathroom. What lie could I have possibly invented to cover my tracks? So I told her the truth. I have begun documenting my poos and publishing them online. She had a look. She doesn't think my poos look healthy. I can't argue, but I feel healthy. She may begin taking photos of her poos as well. She may end up another writer on this blog. Probably not though because she's a squeemish little girl. We'll see.

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