Wednesday, January 14, 2009

poo. it had to be poo.

Watched the Indiana Jones trilogy this weekend. I'd say all three stand up pretty well. For some reason everybody thinks Temple of Doom sucks or is the worst of the three but my girlfriend loves it the most (because she was once a small chinese child like Short Round) and after watching all three together you see that it really isn't any worse than the rest (and it's a lot better than Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls).

but that was the weekend and today is today.  After yesterdays long awaited shit I didn't poo again until today at 2:30pm. I was actually wondering when it might happen. I had class at 9 and after that drank a coffee and ate a slice of some kind of blueberry bread or something before going shopping for new office-like clothes. I was afraid I would have to poo in a mall bathroom, but it just didn't come! I stopped in at my girlfriend's place to drop some stuff off and pick some stuff up and I sat for a bit, but still, no poo! As soon as I got to my place though, POOP!

I peed, then I farted and thought I'd done a little more (I was still clean though) and then delivered this beautiful baby! all right!

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