Friday, January 23, 2009



Well, you probably realized that the last few days have been a recap. I kept pooing for sure, but not posting, and again, I apologize for that, but if you haven't been reading along all this time and instead been reading back-posts you probably never noticed, only noticed the lack of content.

Sadly, even these two poos occured a couple days ago and I can not longer recall the circumstances of their production. What you might notice, and this does ring a bell for me, is the time between poos. 12 minutes. It's never nice to poo and not feel fully evacuated. And on this day, a friday, I would be working a field placement all day, and I'm not big on pooing at places of work. You know, just in case. I certainly wouldn't want to get caught. So after I pooed the first time and did not feel fully evacuated I had to make sure I pushed out every little bit. And I'm glad I did.

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