Sunday, January 4, 2009

Brothers in Poo

So I'm living with my brother now. I guess that actually sounds more pathetic than I think it really is. He has a spare room in his house and lives alone since he separated from his wife. So I'm here to help pay the mortgage. It's less money than what I was paying before but it isn't as nice a neighbourhood. Before I was living in Little Italy in Toronto, now... I don't know what to call this neighbourhood. 

There's a converted warehouse building down the street that's full of artists (I actually took part in a performance there once), and some middle-high end grocery stores around the corner, but the local businesses are pretty shabby and there isn't really anything interesting to walk to I don't think. Cycling around here is pretty challenging. It's a little further north in the city than I'm used to and there are a lot of hills. Casa Loma is near by, and I think I'll become more familiar with St. Clair West and Eglinton West in the coming years.

The bathroom is small (though it does have a tub), and there isn't much leg room in front of the toilet, but that's okay. There are actually two bathrooms in the house, one upstairs right next to my bedroom and another in the basement, which is convenient because I've set up my "office" down here for doing school work and whatnot.

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