Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Needs and Wants and poo

I did not poo yesterday. I did not feel the need. This disturbs my girlfriend. She is an incredibly regular person. She poos every morning at the same time, give or take a few minutes. Sometimes she poos while at work and sometimes she poos in the evening, but generally she makes her poo in the morning. Every morning. What I find disturbing about her poo is how quickly it comes out. She doesn't take much longer to poo than she does to pee, but to me that's ridiculous (although I have been known to take a few very long pisses). I, like many men, if not most, bring a book with me when I poo because there's a good chance that I'll be in there for a while. There are books I have read only while on the can. And not necessarily "bathroom reading" either.
Anyhow, I did not poo yesterday, but i pooed this morning, and it was good. I did it at school, in the accessibility bathroom in my program's building. What's funny is, I was going to poo than use one of the computers in the lab, but after I finished my poo I decided to go to a different lab. It's funny because I went to my program's building only to poo. I understand this is similar to what some of my classmates do on a daily basis. haw haw

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