Monday, April 7, 2008

A typical poo

Pretty straight forward poo this evening. Wasn't really feeling much all day but knew it was steadily building. Not much to comment on with this one except that I was reading a good little comic by Adrian Tomine while pooing it.

The comic involves an asian guy meeting a bisexual girl at a lesbian party. His lesbian friend doesn't want him to bother with her but they go out and get involved. I didn't finish it because the poo was so quick. It's in the Best American Comics 2007 book edited by Chris Ware. Nice artwork, clever, all that good stuff.

This poo did remind me of why I started this collection. I've long been fascinated by the sculptural quality of poo and this is a prime example. Look how the poo has fallen upon itself, folded and broke, collected at the bottom of the toilet piled on top of itself. You know they always say no two snowflakes are alike but if you bother to think about it, no two poos look the same either.

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