Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gordon Ramsay's Fast Poo

Yesterday morning I lined up to try to get a wrist band so my girlfriend and I could get Gordon Ramsay to sign a copy of his new book Fast Food. Unfortunately there were at least a hundred people who beat me to the punch by about two hours. Oh well.

Apparently people in Burlington camped out for 24 hours to get a chance to see Ramsay. I figured it was just as well because we'd just have to wait in line for another three hours or more inside a crowded store.

Instead my girlfriend and I went to the Eaton Centre, checked out the situation at Indigo, had dinner at Mr. Greenjeans, then went back to Indigo to see if we could catch a glimpse of Ramsay. We did, we got to see him through the front windows, and took a couple of pictures. It was almost exciting. We might have stuck around longer but my girlfriend had to poo (interesting) so we headed home.

This poo came about this morning after I came home from her house to do some p90x. It was quick and easy and left me feeling well prepared to take on another hour of p90x, which was exhausting. I have a feeling it is always going to be exhausting. My arms still haven't recovered from yesterday and tomorrow I'm supposed to do a Shoulders and Arms workout. Holy shit, how will I manage that? I guess we'll see!

Did some grocery shopping. Bought a bunch of red lettuce, broccoli, sliced ham, organic apples, egg whites, rye bread, etc, etc. Mostly all these things were on the p90x shopping list, so now I just have to keep an eye on portions.

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