Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Floaters in the Staff Washroom

Finding a place to shit at my school can be very difficult. I have a hard time laying cable if there's someone else in the bathroom at the same time, and of course I would rather be warm and comfortable. I also don't like large, wheelchair accessible toilet stalls or narrow stalls with other stalls on each side.

I guess I'm a little particular, but I'm sure there are worse people out there.
So when I'm at school and I have to take a crap I'm usually running around looking for an out of the way bathroom that won't get much traffic through it. It's actually quite difficult to find any bathroom at this University because the men's rooms aren't always located next to the ladies' rooms.

Thankfully I have discovered a so-called Staff Only washroom which is unlocked. I sit down, relax, have my poo and am uninterrupted through the whole process. very nice.
This is where the poo in the picture was left. They floated around for a while but as you can see they had settled into the bottom of the toilet by the time the picture was taken.

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