Thursday, April 3, 2008

Magna Cum Poo

I decided to do some school work at a school I'm not a student at, University of Toronto. I got a coffee and a danish and sat at a table in one of their fancy new buildings, the one with all the bamboo in it.

I was there about two hours, had my coffee, wrote about 5 pages of a science fiction story and then I felt it coming.
I could tell it would be a kind of unpleasant poo, I think the coffee had a lot to do with that. I went to the men's room and it just sort of spooged out of me. As you can see it's not a very robust poo, and it didn't feel particularly healthy. But these things happen.

It did feel good to have a poo at a fancy major university instead of where I go to school. Even our new bathrooms aren't as nice as the one I used at U of T today.

Sorry about the glare and reflections. There was a lot of light in the bathroom; a skylight and hidden indirect lighting. If I tried to angle it one way I got the skylight in the shot and the other way gave me the indirect lighting.

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