Sunday, April 20, 2008

All by myself...

I've got four exams this week. Two on Monday, one on Tuesday morning and one on thursday. Not terribly grueling but it makes me feel obligated to devote all of today to studying.

Trouble is I've spent a lot of time studying already this week and I feel pretty good about everything, so now I'm just bored.

Went to Butler's Pantry on Queen Street last night. Had the Tandoori Chicken Penne as usual and a pint of Steamwhistle. My girlfriend and I have been going out for dinner a lot lately. At the beginning of the year we decided we wanted to cut back on eating out but it seems to have crept into a habit again. Butler's last night, Las Iguana's on Bloor street the night before that, Okinomi House before that. Oh well, we'll start cooking again.

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